The purpose of HVMNS is to liberate organisations from the tyranny of an unfocused business strategy, unproductive pricing practices and dysfunctional organising principles.

We are not in the consulting business, but rather the transformation business. We don't sell inputs (hours, efforts, activities), but rather outcomes in the form of strategic change, optimised profits and organisational health.

As entrepreneurs, our commitment is based on value. We have skin in the game, sharing risk, reward and investment.

Our work is driven by the following core beliefs and principles:

  1. On its own, an organization has no meaning and strategy. Its meaning and strategy are created by its people.

  2. How do people create meaning and strategy? Through conversation. An organization is the sum of the conversations among its people.

  3. In the end, innovation and strategy are the products of human beings. It’s humans who must think them up. It’s humans who must execute on them. It’s humans who must live the solutions and carry them forward.

  4. Transformational strategy is created by people who are able to make new connections, and organise, converse, and direct others in new ways. believe that we should concentrate on the strengths of the organisation and its people rather than on the weaknesses. There is much more to be gained by focusing on what you can do than what you can not do.

  5. We believe that the most effective organisations obsess over the customer problem over talking about solutions all the time, they invest their time and energy in developing the opportunities of tomorrow.

  6. We believe that in order to be successful, a company must stand for something rather than trying to stand for everything. Most companies confuse a plan with a strategy. Strategy is about making a series of choices, not just about what you are, but also what you are not. Be brave, commit.

  7. We believe that much more can be achieved by focusing on the unmet needs of customers and the underdeveloped market segments than competing with the many companies offering publicly available services.

  8. We believe that ‘best practice’ is only a form of institutionalised imitation. Simply copying the practices of another organisation never leads to greatness. Much better to explore ‘next practices'.

  9. We believe that the measurements that are most important are qualitative and not quantitative. The goal of knowledge work is effectiveness, not efficiency.

  10. We believe that growth can cause more damage than good in an organisation for the sake of it. The most successful companies are focused on more profit, no revenue increase. Revenue is vanity, but profit is common sense.

  11. We believe that in knowledge work there is no such thing as a well-rounded person. People with excellent strength also have excellent weaknesses. Where peaks are, there are valleys. The most striking organisations throw their people into roles that maximise their strengths and make their weaknesses irrelevant.

  12. We believe that the most successful companies are driven by an ideal that exceeds the making of money. They strive to make a difference in the world. They are purpose maximisers, not just profit maximisers.

The innovation investment that really pays is the one that puts your customers and employees at the heart of your ambition. When you invent with people in mind, you can create a different, not just better future.

Our impact comes from simultaneously unlocking the power of your two most important audiences: your customers and your employees. We partner with you throughout the innovation journey to build more powerful businesses and more audacious business leaders.