1X's Positioning Strategy Program is designed to help your firm stand for something instead of trying to stand for everything. With a clear strategy, it's possible to stop chasing business and have more business start chasing you. Learn how a focused positioning makes your firm intensely appealing to the types of clients who want you for what you do best. Through consulting programs and learning experiences, 1X helps organisations clarify their strategy, concentrate their forces, and play better.

The most successful enterprises have a market of one (1x), they reach a level of customisation and customer service at which a customer feels that he or she is an exclusive or preferred customer of the firm.

1X helps organisations achieve a unique positioning plan by asking:

WHAT (competencies)? In which areas could the organisation be considered best-in-class?

WHO (customer)?  What segment does the organisation know best?

HOW (culture) What are your unique philosophies, methods or approaches?

WHY (purpose)?  Beyond making money, what is your purpose? 

Once defined, the next step is to ask; how do we get from "here" to "there". 

This in-depth workshop shows how you and your team can work together to ensure that your positioning strategy is reflected in the following five key areas of your business:  

1. Service & Structure

  • Developing and refining competencies needed to support the positioning strategy 
  • Developing unique intellectual capital/proprietary processes to support positioning 
  • Determining internal vs. external capabilities
  • Reframing or updating organizational structure to better support positioning 
  • Establishing or improving methods of measuring success 
  • Acquiring additional information resources needed to fulfill positioning 

2. Staff Management & Talent Development

  • Hiring and recruiting talent to support the positioning strategy 
  • Career development that supports the positioning strategy 
  • Recognition and benefits programs based on a positioning-related theme 
  • New associate orientation programs that reflect the positioning 
  • Professional development designed to support the positioning 
  • Internal communication to increase awareness and understanding of the positioning 

3. Self-Promotion & New Business

  • A brand identity that reflects the positioning
  • New or updated website that communicates the positioning strategy
  • Client selection standards based on positioning strategy
  • Content marketing and social media program centered around the positioning
  • New business materials and presentations that feature the positioning strategy
  • Case studies that highlight the positioning strategy
  • Publicity program built on the positioning

4. Systems & Processes

  • Unique internal processes that support the positioning 
  • Workflow management systems that help deliver on the positioning 
  • Technology that augments the positioning  
  • Pricing and compensation approach that leverages the strategy 

5. Staging & Resources

  • Reflecting the positioning in “first impressions” and other brand touch points 
  • Showcasing the positioning in the workspace and working environment 
  • Providing spaces and resources that enable people to cultivate areas of expertise 
  • Establishing knowledge bases that centralize sources of expertise