Our impact comes from simultaneously unlocking the power of your two most important audiences: your customers and your employees. We partner with you throughout the innovation journey to build more powerful businesses and more audacious business leaders.

You still serve your customers in a traditional way. You want to transform your organization to follow the customers’ new digital habits to increase sales and lower cost of serving them, and you need help setting up and running this process. Your (new) digital business needs to work seamlessly with your existing organization.

Client cases


Startup academy

Our client was a group of real estate developers with active stakes in "Hanzeland". They sought to revolutionize their approach of developing real estate by learning more about the lean (agile) approach of developing propositions.

We developed a 4-part training course designed to get the participants to engage with new frameworks that drive innovation.

Group: 12 organisations, 26 people

Duration: 1 year, 4 sessions

Deliverable: A guided training on lean startup methods

Results: During the training the group developed a framework that gave way to innovative approaches of real estate development. The first project was released only 2 months after the training.

New avenues of growth and revenue

Evangelische Omroep (EO) is one of the twelve member-based broadcasting associations contributing to the Netherlands Public Broadcasting system.

The client asked us to help them find and develop avenues of growth and revenue outside the existing business. 

We worked with the management to develop a small team working outside of the organisation on public-private partnerships and new labels. 

We created the innovation framework, led the team and delivered during the marketing scale-up.

Team: 2 FTE (New business), 8 FTE (Dag6) and, 3 FTE (Lazarus.nl)

Duration: 18 months

Deliverables: Validation of 2 new brands based on CPA, business case and marketing strategy.

Role: Project lead, marketing management.

Results: Validation of Dag6 within 6 months of launch. Advise on business case and team setup. Management of Lazarus and development of marketing strategy.

"Johan is een betrokken, professionele en zeer bekwame Salesforce (ZUORA) consultant en projectleider. Door zijn ervaring en skills heeft hij Salesforce succesvol live laten gaan bij de Evangelische Omroep. Johan doorziet snel processen en techniek en houdt de belangen van alle stakeholders goed voor ogen. Doordat Johan de juiste balans vindt tussen techniek, stakeholders en projectorganisatie konden we een snelle golive realiseren na de start van Johan. Johan is een prettige samenwerkingspartner die gecommitteerd zijn verantwoordelijkheden neemt met hart voor de organisatie, techniek en medewerkers. Ik beveel Johan van harte aan!"

Debora de Groot, head of marketing at Evangelische Omroep.