We make HVMNS

HVMNS is founded on the conviction that people are the only differentiator. 

The innovation investment that really pays is the one that puts your customers and employees at the heart of your ambition. When you invent with people in mind, you can create a different, not just better future.

Johan Trip, founder and managing director.

Johan Trip, founder and managing director.

Johan Trip

Johan Trip is the founder of HVMNS, a boutique consulting devoted to helping organisations create and capture more value. The purpose of HVMNS is to liberate organisations from the tyranny of an unfocused business strategy, unproductive pricing practices and dysfunctional organising principles.

As a strategist and entrepreneur Johan's career has taken him around the world, including North America, Europe, Myanmar, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India and China.

Johan provides interim management, consultancy and training on positioning strategy, go-to market strategy and innovation. 

As a management consultant, Johan has worked with dozens of organisations ranging from international corporates to local NGO's.