(Sustainable systems)

Reimagining the world's energy and mobility to replace scarce, contaminated and expensive with abundant, clean and accessible.

We believe we can live in a world of abundance by unlocking new ways of generating, consuming, and re-purposing resources. We are inspired by books like The Upcycle and Reinventing Fire, because they remind us that the building blocks are available today for humans to live sustainably as our population grows to nine billion.

We’re fired up about startups that create innovative ways to remake and reimagine the products and services we use every day. Startups that will enhance value and planetary impact across big markets like energy, real estate, agriculture, and transportation.


(Work, work, work)

Empower individuals to improve they way they live, work and learn by providing fair, transparent solutions.

New cloud and mobile technologies are driving a digital democratization. As the world becomes more connected, broadly accessible solutions emerge across education, employment, and team collaboration.

We invest in people-power startups that enable small businesses with innovative services previously only accessible to large corporations, citizens with platforms and networks for social change, students and teachers with breakthroughs in learning, and teams with new ways to share knowledge. For all you recovering economists, we’re working to defy the constraint between income and leisure


(Healthy living)

Shifting healthcare from treatment to prevention with a focus on food as medicine and innovative healthcare systems.

The rise in healthy living and wellness is one of the biggest consumer trends of the decade. Increased research about the benefits of wholesome eating and exercise, combined with growing concerns about toxins in our food and household products is driving a sea change in consumer awareness, and creating greater demand for healthy living options.

We’re on the hunt for startups that are pursuing massive improvements in human health, wellness, and performance across nutrition, fitness, and medicine.